Voxpilot Partners with Cepstral to Offer Affordable Quality Text-to-Speech Voices
World's Largest Catalog of English Text-to-Speech (TTS) Voices now an Online Service

VoiceForge makes the Internet Talk. How do we do that? We make it easy for online application developers to add high quality Text-To-Speech (TTS) audio to any Internet site or device. Traditionally, online TTS synthesis has been painful for three reasons:

VoiceForge makes online TTS easy through our hosted speech API. You send us text, tell us the voice and we return an MP3 - yes it's that simple. Register as a developer and we'll be happy to share documentation, code examples and expertise on our hosted speech API and service.

Ok, so we put TTS online and made it easy and affordable. But there’s more… the best part is we've created over 45 fun and entertaining voices and we're adding more voice variety each day. Hear all the voice avatars at our online TTS demo page. The whole game changes when users get to pick a voice they like.

Why limit yourself with a la carte voices or pay high audio distribution fees? VoiceForge customers get access to all voices for one set price. As long as you are a VoiceForge subscriber you can distribute synthesized audio over the Internet. Pick the plan that works for you and sign up online today.